About Us

The foundation of ŞEKERLİSOY Group of Companies was laid when the Şekerlisoy family established Gül Pharmaceutical Warehouse and Medical Services Company, which is active in the present time as well, in Elazığ where Dr. Ali Şekerlisoy started his service as a physician in 1987. Thanks to a rapidly growing trend, the group achieved to turn out to be one of the most prominent enterprises of Turkey, and translated the acceleration scored through investments in construction and energy industries in 2011 in the Iraq market, where the company made its initial appearance in 2010 by exporting dry food and aluminium profiles, into stabilized growth upon maturing its industrialization process. The Conglomerate performs activities in 7 sectors including healt, construction, indusrt, fintech, tourism, agriculture, technology.

ŞEKERLİSOY Group of Companies is committed to being a permanent player in each industry involved and marking the trends. Believing that being permanent is as important as new breakthroughs, the group has attained such permanency through a dynamic and professional managerial approach and the synergy brought about by the contributions of its highly-qualified taskforce. The group has always targeted to be the best in every industry involved across the philosophy vowed by its founder "be the best or at least try to be the best in whatever you do at the time being", and set customer satisfaction and trust as its key principles..

ŞEKERLİSOY Group of Companies owes such rapid achievement to consistently targeting the best, working hard along this path, and following the footprints of the founder with the typical care and attention of a physician. The group will keep its emphasis on further growth for the sake of satisfying the demands of Turkey and the region as it used to. ŞEKERLİSOY Group of Companies shares the justified pride, originating from its achievements so far, with the entirety of its employees, and commits future success to the country.

The Şekerlisoy Group of Companies is engaged in Health, Construction, Industry, Fintech, Tourism, Agriculture, Technology industries. Aided by its highly-specialized staff, Şekerlisoy Group of Companies offers exhaustive and reliable services to all customers in each industry involved.
The Group sets its sights on turning out to be a regional pioneer by assuming a driving role in the development of its city, and building up global alliances.



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